Wet carpet is usually caused when your home experiences water damages. Water damages can occur from storms, faulty appliances, and even fires. If you have wet carpets, it is a smart move to call a Disaster Cleanup Services company. Wet carpets can lead to other major damages to your property. Below we will discuss what could happen if all water is not removed from your carpets.

Wet Carpet

Wet carpet is a major disaster. It may look disgusting, and you may think that your shop vac can quickly suck up the water and all it has to do is dry, but that is not the case. If your carpet is wet, so is the padding underneath. If the padding is wet, it likely has seeped into your floors and behind walls in the area. If this happens, you have a major water disaster.

Professionals will need to come in with powerful pumps to remove most of the water from your carpets. Once the water is removed, they will use unique fans to begin drying the carpets. Special infrared technology will be used to see if water has gotten beneath the surface. If there is water beneath the surface or behind walls, the area will need to undergo water remediation. During this, parts of the wall may be removed and replaced to ensure all water has been dried. If any water is left behind, it can cause mold to grow on your property. If water stands for too long, it can also cause structures to rot. If this occurs, you will need to have mold remediation to ensure your home is free from dangerous mold spores.
As you can see, wet carpet can cause major problems for your property. If you have wet carpet, it is a good idea to find a water damage specialist to remove the water and ensure your home is safe from mold growth.