Slab leaks are extremely dangerous and disastrous because you often do not spot them immediately. This allows the slab leak to cause extensive damage to your property. A slab leak should be considered a major disaster because of how much damage it can cause to your property’s interior and exterior.

What Is A Slab Leak?

A slab leak occurs from a water line break that is beneath your foundation or possibly behind your walls. It being beneath your flooring or behind your walls makes it harder to find. Slab leaks can occur from the following problems:
• Wear and Tear
• Corrosion
• Construction Defects
• Tree Roots
• Owner Negligence
• Water Pressure Problems
• Natural Disasters Like Earthquakes or Fires

It could take time to realize you have a slab leak. Unfortunately, this usually results in water damage, mold growth, and structural rot to occur.

How Do I Spot A Slab Leak?

There are some ways to help determine if you have a slab leak on your property. Further down, we will discuss a few ways to find a slab leak. If you are experiencing lower than normal water pressure, there is a possibility you have a slab leak. You most likely have a slab or foundation leak if you notice damp walls or flooring in and around your property. You can also check the exterior of your home for any wet areas on your lawn or foundation. If you observe any of the above, it is crucial to contact a disaster cleanup company. Slab leaks are hard to locate, especially without the correct equipment. A disaster cleanup company will have the right tools to find the source of the slab leak, repair the slab leak, clean up the water damages, and provide water damage restoration to your property.