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There are many factors that a homeowner must take into consideration when deciding whether to make an insurance claim or to “pay out of pocket” when a water loss occurs inside the home. The most important step when making this determination is to correctly identify the full scope of damage caused by the water. Many people mistakenly think that simply sucking the water out of the carpet is sufficient for fixing a water damage problem. In reality the majority of problems caused by water are not readily visible on the surface. Water is absorbed in to building materials such as wood and sheet rock at rates as high as one inch per hour! This moisture although not visible becomes a breeding ground for mold. In order to find this hidden moisture special tools called moisture meters are needed to help identify all of the hidden pockets of moisture. Once all of the wet building material has been found you can decide whether or not the damage warrants placing a claim. You should be skeptical of any company that tries to force you into making a claim on you insurance without first visiting your home. While placing a claim is often times the best choice for a home owner that decision should not be made until a full understanding of the problem has been determined by a qualified technician.
We have working relationships with almost every insurance company in the Colorado area. Because emergencies are never planned and often happen in the middle of the night when you can’t get in contact with your insurance agent we have provided a partial list of all major insurance carriers 24 hour emergency phone numbers below.
Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services has working relationships with all major insurance companies. This helps make the difficulty of working through your individual insurance company much easier. In most cases we simply collect your deductible and then bill your insurance company directly. Most home owners have never placed a claim on their insurance policy before and by having us bill the insurance company directly you do not have to become an “insurance expert” to get things taken care of. Because we understand that having a water loss inside the home can be stressful Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services also offers customer support for any questions you may have Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 6 PM. In the event that you do not decide to place a claim with your insurance provider we typically require 65% down to start a job. The remaining balance must be paid upon the completion of the project. This allows you to make sure the that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.
It is against the law for your insurance company to stipulate what company you can or can’t use to correct and problem inside your home. Sometimes insurance companies will use veiled threats stating that they can’t guarantee that your loss will be covered if you do not use their recommended company. Their insistence for using “their recommended company” often benefits them more than you as the consumer. As a homeowner you always have the final say in selecting the company that will be working for you. Assuming that your loss is covered by your policy and the charges billed by your restoration company are “ordinary” and “customary” you have no need to worry! Colorado Disaster Cleanup is recognized by all major insurance companies and uses acceptable billing practices recognized by all major insurance providers. Colorado Springs Disaster Cleanup.
Sewage is the most dangerous water loss inside a home. Sewage is classified as any type of material that originates from beyond the trap. Many people mistakenly think that when water comes up through a floor drain that it is not dangerous. This is incorrect, once water has entered the sewer line it has the potential to bring bacteria and viruses back into the home that are potentially deadly.

Incorrectly dealing with flood damage can lead to dangerous mold problems and structural damage down the road. Colorado Disaster Cleanup Services will help you clean up the water and prevent further damage.

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