Fires can rip through homes and destroy everything in their path. Fires spread quickly and have no regard for your home or family. However, there are ways to prevent fires from starting on your property. Below, we will review some ways to keep your family safe from fires!

Educate Your Family on Fire Safety

Education is key when keeping your family safe from fires. All family members should understand what can cause fires and what they should do if they see a fire. Children do not understand how dangerous a match is until it is too late. Teaching them about the dangers could save their life!

Check Your Fire Alarms

Fire alarms should be tested, and batteries changed regularly. Your fire alarm is your first line of defense against fires in your home. Ensure you have them installed properly and that they are working!

Proper Maintenance Can Be A Lifesaver

Faulty appliances and wires can cause fires. Keeping up with maintenance schedules and checking your home regularly can ensure your home is safe from an appliance fire. Your water heater, HVAC system, and fuse box should be checked regularly by professionals.

Never Leave Fires Unattended

Fireplaces are one of the main causes of fires in homes. The second is cooking-related. It would be best if you never left your fireplace or food cooking alone. Supervision of these two items could save your home and family from a major fire!

Fire Escape Plans Are Important!

If you do not have a fire escape plan, it is time to create one. A fire escape plan helps everyone know what to do if there is a fire on your property. Fires can be scary, and it is easy to freeze and not know what to do. By practicing a fire escape plan, you can ensure your entire family is safe from fires.

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