Fires are known to occur more during the colder months and the holidays. The reasons vary, but one thing remains the same, fires cause extensive damages to homes. Fires can often be prevented or stopped before they grow out of control. Below, we will discuss a few tips to keep you safe from fires this holiday season.

Fire Alarm Testing

Fire alarm testing should be completed regularly. It is best to change batteries and test your fire alarms at the start of each season. This ensures your fire alarms are in proper working order.

Fire Extinguishers

Each home should have fire extinguishers placed throughout the property. A fire extinguisher can extinguish a small fire, stopping it from spreading to other areas. It is important that everyone knows how to use them properly and know their locations.

Fire Safety Plan

A fire safety plan is vital. Your family should know what to do in the case a fire does take place on your property. They should know where to go and what their roles are. You should practice the fire safety plan and ensure each family member knows exactly what to do.

Be Mindful of Fireplaces

Fireplaces may be beautiful, but they are also the cause of fires inside homes. A fireplace should always have the proper guards in place and should never be left alone. If you must leave, extinguish the fire. If a log falls out, it can quickly catch your home on fire.

Never Leave Food Cooking

With the holidays, it is easy to forget about items you have cooking. With family and friends, it is easy to get caught up in the festivities. Always stay with the food you are cooking. A kitchen fire can happen quickly and spread even faster.

If you have a fire disaster on your property, contact a disaster cleanup company. They have the knowledge and tools to handle the cleanup and fire restoration of the property properly!