Flooding is not commonly discussed as a disaster, but when it happens, the damages are extensive. Flooding can happen at any time and for different reasons. Below we will discuss different types of flooding and what to do if flooding happens on your property.

Flash Flooding

Flash floods can be terrifying. They occur when a large amount of rain happens in a small amount of time. The rain does not have time to drain off, and it can cause lakes, streams, and ditches to overflow. Flash flooding can enter your home where it can cause major water damages. Flash flooding can flood your entire home within minutes. This is a dangerous situation, and it is important to ensure everyone is safe before contacting a water damage cleanup company.


Snowmelt has been known to cause flooding in basements and the lower levels of properties. Flooding due to snowmelt can usually be prevented by ensuring all melting snow has been moved from around your home. If you leave the snow and ice close to the exterior of your home, it can leak into your home as it melts.


If a storm causes a tree to fall on your home, it will not only cause structural damages to your roof. It will also cause water damages. Once you have a hole in your roof, water can quickly enter your home and cause significant flooding, depending on how much rain occurs. This flooding can travel to different rooms of your home, leaving water damages in its wake.

If you have any flooding in your home, it is best to vacate the home and find safe, dry ground. Once safe, call a professional for water damage restoration. They will remove all the water from your property, dry the area, and begin restoration services.